UK Immigration Questions:

Hi mates, In this blog I am gonna make sure all the relevant questions that could be asked when you are entering or passing the Border control check in the UK. UK Immigration questions aren’t tough although they check your balance that you are a genuine student or dependent coming from abroad.

Mostly, International students get panic about this passing check but don’t worry I will tell you how to cross that border checking of any airport of UK.

Here is the list of questions you being asked at airport by UK immigration officer;

1.Where you going- UK immigration Question?

This what asked from me, It means that you have to tell them which university you are going to study and where you are going to live in the UK, that’s simple. Actually, When I heard this question, I think that he may asking about my accommodation but when I told them about my accommodation he said No, I am asking in which university you have taken the admission, then I said, Sorry Sir, Its BPP University. So, don’t hesitate if you don’t understand the question you can ask him like ‘Can you please say again?

2.Which course you have chosen and Why?

This could be their second and most Important question that being asked from 100% international students,

Very simple answer of this question is…

I have chosen this course because ‘I like this course and when I had seen its modules they captivates me and I think I can do better in future by having exactly the same knowledge as I am going to learn in these modules‘.

3. In which course you have completed your graduation?

This question has a separate fan base, my gosh…!

In this question, You have to tell him that I have done graduation in e.g Biotechnology and I have taken admission in Project Management for example, in this question you have to co-relate both field like both these field are connected with each other and Your MS course will help you in future.

If you have the same field like Business in graduation and you have taken admission in Project Management, then you can say that I am going to start my own business in future so that’s the main reason I chosen this course and I will enhance my skills through it.

4. What’s your course Modules?

You should know about your university ranking and course modules. When I cross this check he asked me about the modules and I let him know then he said yeah you can go, So this is most important to remember.

5. What’s your course duration/Visa Duration

Both questions have one answer, you must get to know about your visa duration or course duration. Don’t tell them about the PSW, just tell them for example; I have 12-months course Duration.

6. Where do you live in UK?

He definitely ask you about your accommodation.

going towards friend:

if you have any friend or family in UK, you must get his/her/their postcode and you should let them know that you will say their name when immigration officer ask. they won’t make any call to your friend or family 99%, they just make sure that you have a roof on your head.

Booked an accommodation;

If you booked an accommodation then you must have that booking confirmation email or slip with a postcode, you must show them simple is that.

You can book an accommodation online by visting

What is Post-Code?

This is just to let you guys know that here in the UK, all the maps and address run with a code that is mixed with English and Digits, like every single street has a unique post code which you can tell the taxi to drive you there.


E17 8JG

N7 9RF

7. Questions about Bank Statement?

UK Immigration Questions

It’s very rare but they can ask. The question would be, how much balance do you have currently in your account? . is this all the balance still available in the bank?, or, how much money you have in your wallet right now?

The answer is very simple, all you need to do be confident and understand the question what does his means to ask.

how much balance do you have currently in your account?

You have to show him your bank statement to him after this question and tell him about how much balance you have placed in your bank before applying visa. This is very simple and do not get confused or worried, because they are not going to verify this from your bank.

UK Immigration Questions

Is this all the balance still available in the bank?

You are not going to face this question, but anyhow, you must have an idea about how to tackle any question regarding bank statement. So, if you have withdrawn all the balance before catching the flight then it’s not a big deal everyone do the same, do not worry. The answer of this question is given below

‘Sir some of the balance I have cashed out because I have to do some shopping as you know, and I have took some money for my wallet to come over here and survive for a few days, Later on I will open my bank account here and then I will transfer all the money from my country to my UK bank account.’.

This is all you have to say them. Simple is that.

How much money do you have in your wallet right now?

This question could be in another form they may ask like, how much money do bring with yourself?

Here is the answer, ‘ Sir I have £1500 in my wallet and I think these are enough for one month survival and later on I will get my money from my country via western Union when I open my bank account here.

they could ask you that do you know how do you know that this money is more than enough for you?

You can say to the Immigration officer that, Yes Sir it is more than enough for one month because my travelling expenses would be £150, Grocery Expenses would be £150 and Rent of a room is £600 or what the price you have paid. This means that you have to give him just idea that you know how to live life in UK

He is not going to ask this much but I am trying my best to prepare you for every question of theirs.

7. How much you have paid to purchase Visa?

One of the tricky UK immigration questions is this question. This is totally double meaning question, all you have to say if he ask this sort of question.

‘Sorry, but I didn’t purchased this visa I am on a student visa and I just paid half fee and University allow me to study abroad and that’s it Sir’.

So, These are the questions they could ask you upon your arrival.

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