Discover essential details about the iconic Francis Scott Key Bridge

Early Tuesday, the renowned Francis Scott Key Bridge suffered a collapse following a significant incident involving a container ship, which lost power and collided with the iconic Baltimore structure. This catastrophic event resulted in individuals and vehicles being plunged into the icy waters of the Patapsco River.

Regrettably, six individuals, suspected to be members of a road construction team, are feared dead. The Coast Guard has concluded its active search and rescue operation in response to this tragic incident.

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Explore key facts about the historic bridge:

Age: The Francis Scott Key Bridge, known as the Key Bridge, opened to traffic in March 1977. It serves as the final link in the Baltimore Beltway, spanning the 50-foot-deep Patapsco River, where Francis Scott Key penned the Star Spangled Banner, notes the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA).

Length: Standing at 1.6 miles, according to MDTA reports, the bridge connects vital areas.

Traffic: Over 30,000 commuters traverse the bridge daily, as highlighted by Maryland Governor Wes Moore.

Cost: Constructing the bridge incurred a $60.3 million expense, states MDTA. President Joe Biden pledges support for its swift reconstruction following the collapse.

Port Importance: Baltimore ranks ninth among US ports for international cargo. In 2023, it handled a record 52.3 million tons valued at $80.8 billion. The port sustains 15,330 direct jobs and supports 139,180 positions in related services, per Maryland state government data.

Vessel Details: The bridge’s collapse resulted from a collision with the container vessel Dali, chartered by Danish shipping giant Maersk and operated by Singapore-based Synergy Group. With a length of approximately 984 feet, as per MarineTraffic data, the Dali measures nearly three football fields in length.

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