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Have you been to the UK before? When and for how long? Why did you come to the UK?No, I have not been to the UK before it’s my first visit to the UK for higher study.
Why do you want to study in the UK instead of studying in your home or another country?The UK is ranked 2nd in the whole world for an educational system having renowned universities like Oxford University, Cambridge University, and Imperial College London.  
Some other reasons are:
1.Amazing academic reputation: The UK has a reputation around the world as a country of learning and academic skills.
2.Welcoming culture: The UK is a tolerant and multicultural country.
3.Broad choice of degrees: UK universities are known for the wide range of degrees they offer in subjects like Art, Design, Business, Management, and media studies.
4.UK offers shorter degrees and by choosing the UK for study I will be graduated sooner and save time and money too.
5.It will also help me to improve my English language; speaking English is a very useful skill in today’s global business market.  
Courses are shorter as compared to my home country as well as i.e. in the USA & Canada Postgraduate degree is for 02 years. So I have decided to study in the UK for an International World-class degree to help me prepare and to succeed in my career.
What program are you planning to study at BPP? Why did you choose this program? Can you tell me about the course structure and modules?I’m planning to study MSc Management with Project Management at BPP, I choose this program because after my graduation I’m working as a (tell your post name which you have mentioned on experience letter) at (Organization name where you’re working), I want to polish my skills and push my rank through this course, Moreover, this course delivers the skills I need to manage at the highest level of business. This course also has an affordable fee structure which must be considered while choosing this course.   There are 08 Nos. of modules with 03 Terms and 180 credit hours in this program                        
Modules and Structure_-
  Personal Effectiveness (Term 1)   Leading Through Digital Disruption (Term 1)   Global Strategy and Sustainability (Term 1)   Customer Experience Strategy (Term 2)   Data Driven Decisions for Business (Term 2)   Project Management Essentials (Term 2)   Advance Project Management (Term 3)   Business Project (Term 3)  
What was your last qualification? Where (country/university)? Have you worked since you finished your last qualification? If yes, where and for how long?I have done a BS in (Degree Name) from (University Name & Passing out Year) , I started working as a (Post Name) at (Organization Name) and still continue on that job.
Which other institutions/universities have you researched in the UK? Do they offer the same course as BPP? Why did you choose to study at BPP above these universities?As an international student, I have gone through different university courses and fee structures such as Coventry University
1.They are offering the same course for 18250 Pounds which is tough to manage),
2.There are 9 No.of modules Coventry Offering which are not focused as BPP Modules like BPP is offering a module named “Customer Experienced Strategy” which is my favourite module and it is not being offered by Coventry and any other university.
3.No Placement is being offered by Coventry  

On the other hand, I have searched for Birmingham City University
1. They also offer Project Management with a fee of 16,300 Pounds and with a Placement of 17,930 Pounds but BPP offering the same course with placement less fee than BCU
2. There are 7 No.of Modules in BCU-course than BPP.
3. All these 7 modules are not that satisfying as BPP Modules
Bpp hired professional experts to teach their students instead of traditional teachers. Moreover, I chose BPP because it is the only university which is offering Nov-Jan-Sep-intakes, and Its supportive environment, good employability ratio of BPP, taught by professionals not just tutors, its way of building a career through education for over 40 years, and its fee structure, which is suitable for me, 10,500 Pounds after the Scholarship.
 What do you want to do after finishing your course at BPP? What are your future plans and career aspirations?My future plans are crystal clear.  After completion of my master’s degree, I will come back to my motherland. It’s my prime responsibility to see my parents. As up to now my parents worked very hard to give us a very bright future now it’s my responsibility to see them. The education will build my future bright. On my return, to my home country, all the experience, knowledge, and skills that I will acquire from my study in the UK at BPP University will play a vital role in getting me a good job in a Multinational company like Intel, Google, Cognizant, Oracle, DELL and many more. As now a day’s most the multi-national companies are investing in the Pakistan market, and this would also help in executing my responsibilities in the best way with an international standard, which would not only give me immense job satisfaction as well as would help me to get a good career where I can procure my talents of being a good professional and serve my nation well.
Are you being sponsored – who is funding your studies? What is your family income/parents salaries (pa or PCM in ££)?No, I am not being sponsored, I am funding my own studies, my monthly income from my job is 3 lac per month (which is equal to 1100 pounds),  & annually 36 lacs which is approximately 14 thousand pounds, and other than that I own an agricultural land of wheat, corn,& mustard crops, inherited through my paternal family, I get a revenue of  Rs 5 lac per month which is equal to 1923 pounds, & 60 lacs annually, which is approximately equal to 23 thousand pounds, so my total income for a month is 8 lacs which is equal to 3023 pounds monthly and annually 96 lacs, which adds up to approximately 37 thousand pounds.  
How much do you need to live in the UK – course fees and living expenses?According to UK gov policy, I need 12006 pounds to live in London, My course fee is 13500. Scholarship 3000, remaining net fee is 10500 pounds, my initial deposit is 6300, I will deposit my remaining fee after initial deposit that is 4200.  But I will keep a buffer amount of 16800 pounds for my living expense. and monthly (pound) accommodation  700 food and grocery 300 transportation 150 entertainment 150 cash in hand 100
Do you have any dependents? Are they coming to the UK/in the UK with you? Do you have any family in the UK? What do they do?No, I have no dependents and no one is coming with me to UK
Where will you live in the UK? Where is your course based? Commute – how long? Are you planning to work in the UK while you study?I will live in Helen Graham House, 57 Great Russell St, London WC1B 3BA, United Kingdom. My course is based at BPP University 1 Portsoken Street Campus London E 1 8PH. It takes 27 minutes by train from liver pool street to Tottenham court road and takes 33 mins by bus drive. No, I am not planning to work, as I want to focus on my studies and perform well, I have enough savings to support my educational journey.

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