Blackpool Tower is on Fire! UK historic Blackpool Tower

A man is detained by police on charges of disturbing the peace after video appeared to show a landmark on fire. Blackpool Tower’s “fire” is actually orange netting billowing.

Blackpool Tower fire leading to arrest of a man.

Following initial reports of Blackpool Tower on fire, it was discovered that the footage was actually of orange netting flapping in the wind, leading to the arrest of a man.

“The fire brigade with climbing gear are on their way up now,” according to an earlier statement from the Welcome to Blackpool tourist information service.

On Thursday at approximately 2:15 p.m., flames appeared to be visible close to the viewing platform, prompting the dispatch of fire services to the promenade.

However, it was discovered after about two hours that the fire was fake and was actually only a section of windy netting that looked like it was about to catch fire.

“We are at the scene in support of Blackpool Council, Merlin Entertainments, and the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service,” Lancashire police stated in a Facebook statement.

Due to ongoing renovations, the top of the tower is currently inaccessible and closed. There isn’t a fire after our chopper passed over the tower. We can verify that the visible structure is orange netting.

“A man is being taken into custody after being arrested on charges of disturbing the peace.”

Images and videos shared on social media seemed to depict flames on the 158-meter tall building. At first, Lancashire Fire & Rescue deployed a team of drones and six fire engines to examine the monument, but they also advised people to avoid it.

It seems that the police helicopter report doused the possibility of a fire before the specialized climbing teams of the fire brigade could reach the summit. also read; Al Nassr: A Footballing Powerhouse in Saudi Arabia

“By concerned members of the public due to a combination of factors that led them to believe it was a fire,” the Lancashire fire and rescue department stated in a post on X. It is challenging to get to the suspected fire spot because it is typically inaccessible.

“After gaining access, a specialized crew from the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service verified that there was no fire. The National Police Air Service utilized thermal imagery to support this occurrence, adding to the level of assurance.

Since its opening in 1894, Blackpool Tower has grown to become one of the most beloved monuments and visited sites in all of Britain. A mid-run performance in the ballroom of the TV dancing competition Strictly Come Dancing is one of its highlights.

In addition, the tower houses Madame Tussauds, the Blackpool Tower Dungeon, a Sea Life center, and a circus attraction. Several people had to be removed in 2018 after becoming stuck at the top of the tower.

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